Money and benefit information

Useful information, resources and contacts to help you manage your money.


Paying your rent 

Paying your rent on time is one of the most important conditions of your tenancy, and you are responsible for making sure that your rent account does not fall into arrears.

Money Advice Service 

The Money Advice Service is a free independent service set up by the government. Its purpose is to help you manage your money better providing clear, unbiased advice to help you make informed choices.

Credit unions 

Credit unions can be an alternative way of borrowing or saving money compared to high street borrowers.

Smart Tenants Project 

The Smart Tenants Project can help customers in Penzance and Bodmin and is delivered in Partnership with Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) and Cornwall Learning Partnership.

Dealing with debt 

If you are in debt don’t panic, there are things that you can do. However it is important to do something as the problem won’t just go away.


Keeping a regular eye on your money will help you stay in control. Drawing up a budget can help you know where your money is going, avoid or get out of debt and make decisions about your finances.