Moving house

We are committed to offering choice and opportunity to people wanting to move.


Move house

Register with Home Choice

We are part of the Home Choice partnerships in Devon and Cornwall. These Choice Based Lettings schemes make the process of allocating properties simple and transparent. They also allow you to make a choice about where you live.
When we have a home available for rent, it is advertised through the Home Choice scheme in Devon or Cornwall. To apply you need to be registered with Home Choice in the area where you want to live. Click here to find out more.

Mutual exchange

How do I find someone to exchange with? 

We participate in HomeSwapper, the UK’s largest community of social housing tenants wanting to swap homes. 

If you want to move to a different street, village, town or city, you register your details and details of the property you are looking for. Once you have registered they try to match your requirements and send you details of applicants whose criteria match yours.

To register, visit the HomeSwapper website. You will need an email address or a telephone number so that HomeSwapper can contact you. 

Once you're registered you can also download the HomeSwapper app for iOS and Android in app stores. The app allows you to see who has liked your home, quickly swipe through and manage your matches and chat in real time with other swappers who are online.


What do I do when I have found someone to swap with? 

You must complete a mutual exchange application form. This asks for details of your household and of the tenants, you wish to swap with, including their household size and landlord’s contact details. 

Our Neighbourhood Hub will ensure your Neighbourhood Manager completes a property inspection within 14 days of the application to exchange being received.

You must obtain our written permission before moving, and the written consent of both landlords if you are moving to another area or to a home owned by another landlord. 


What do I do once consent has been given? 

We'll agree a date for the exchange to take place with you, the other tenant and the other landlord (if there is one). We will meet you and the other tenant at our offices or at your address so that you can both sign the legal documents which formally transfer the tenancies. The move can then take place. We will not hold any keys, and it will be your responsibility to agree with the other tenant when to swap keys and actually move out. Your tenancies will officially start on the date of assignment, which is clearly shown on the Deed of Assignment. You are then ready to move in and enjoy your new home.

Click here to download our leaflet on mutual exchange, moving on by exchanging homes. The leaflet covers all you need to know about mutual exchange or 'home-swap,' the exchange of properties between tenants.

Buy a Liverty home

We build high-quality homes for sale as well as to rent, in locations across the south west.

The thought of buying a home outright can be daunting, but at Liverty we also offer a range of affordable options to enable you to get a foot on the property ladder, including shared ownership and the new government-backed Help to Buy scheme. So your new home may be closer than you think. 

Click here to find out more and view the latest homes available.