We celebrate national Community Impact Week by announcing over £100k investment in grants for customers

Tuesday 07/11/2017


During national Community Impact Week 2017 (6 – 12 November) leading housing provider Liverty has announced it has supported its customers and community groups with grants and bursaries totalling over £100k this year alone. This is part of its yearly £1m investment in community projects, partnerships, grants and community development work throughout the south west.

During the year 124 grants were given to community organisations and individuals, including £66,000 for community based projects and £34,000 supporting individuals and small scale community groups through small grants programme – helping to start up customers own businesses as well as ploughing investment into community groups, job clubs and other projects that help neighbourhoods to thrive.

Community Impact Week gives us a chance to showcase all of the really positive things happening in and about neighbourhoods. This year 238 customers were helped in their journey to work through the Work Hub scheme which helps people find employment and training.

Leanda Flower, Community Investment and Engagement Manager said: “We celebrate Community Impact here as we have so many wonderful projects that are making real differences for our residents. All of our activities are either about enabling people and communities to achieve their ambitions or in direct response to those challenges for them which are greatest at this current point in time.  Our investment is about great places to live and activity which will make the greatest contribution toward them sustaining their tenancies and having the best possible opportunity in life.”

The strain on household income remains the priority for us, with welfare reform changes and increased family strain. We are speaking to 1, 600 identified customers, working with them to stabilise their finances, maximise any owed moneys, and address debts and then through providing support to get into training and employment.

As well as enabling customers, we support our staff to make a difference in communities by running a successful volunteering project. In 2016/17 55 staff took part in 6 separate projects, 73 days of volunteering with a staff time investment of £10, 780. 

Community Impact week is a celebration of what’s happening all year round, where individuals and whole communities are active in making their community a great place to live. We’re proud to be involved, helping our customers to do something amazing, providing support and funding where it’s needed or just getting out there and volunteering.

To find out more about our grants, bursaries and funding (including downloading an application form) click here