DCH proud of wonderful makeover at Copplestone Drive, Exeter

Friday 21/04/2017


In recent months new trees and shrubs have been planted at Copplestone Drive, Exeter by our wonderful Estate Services team, led by Rob Scholefield, our Estate Services Manager and John Todd, Estate Officer. The team have worked hard to make the local green space at Copplestone Drive look beautiful. 

Following storm damage in 2015, trees in the green space at this scheme had to be removed as they were misshapen and cast too much shade. John Todd took the initiative to have new trees planted to replace the damaged ones and installed a lovely picnic table. DCH spent £1200 on the removal of the old trees and stumps and £950 on the planting of the new trees and shrubs.

Rob Scholefield, Estate Services Manager said: “John Todd is a great guy and has been the real driver for improving the area; he is a real asset to our organisation.”

Lesley Browne, Community Development Worker said: ‘Green spaces are important for the wellbeing of our customers. John Todd’s work at this site has improved the appearance of the area and provided a great focal point for the scheme. I also think he has done a super job of maintaining the grounds.”