Well done to our aspiring managers

Tuesday 20/12/2016


A group of 12 aspiring managers recently completed our internal leadership development programme. This course has given staff the opportunity to develop their leadership knowledge through various activities.

To mark the occasion as a celebration Paul Crawford our Group Chief Executive welcomed everyone to this event, which was attended by managers, coaches and subject matter experts.

All aspiring managers gave fantastic presentations and talked about their personal reflections about their experiences on the programme. The group highlighted their development experiences and how they learnt more about our customers.

The morning culminated with the group receiving their certificates.

Caroline Blockley, People Adviser said: “I think it’s fair to say that the thought of giving a presentation to a room full of managers was a little daunting. When the day came though we managed to keep our nerves pretty well under wraps, I think we were all pleased with how the presentations went. The course was fun and educational and the friendships we have built have been invaluable. There is so much more to leadership than you realise!”

Kate Glanville, Group Data Protection Officer, said: “This programme gave me a valuable opportunity to improve my skills and network more, often pushing me outside my comfort zone. The course taught me about all aspects of management and has increased my confidence. I’m now ready for whatever the future may hold!”